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Feast & Fast

The Art of Food in Europe, 1500 – 1800

Transcription of the expenses

The expences of this dener [dinner]

The expences of this dener [dinner] In bred ij dos. di [half] and ij peneworth [pennyworth]        ij s. viij d. In ale ij kyldekyns                viij s. In wyne [wine] ij pts        di. xx d. In beffe [beef]        xvij d. In moton [mutton]        xix d. In marybones [bone marrow]                        liij d. In chynes [shins] of pork                iiij xvj d. In swannes [swans]        j vij s. iiij d. In capons        iij ix d. In partyrchs [partridges]        xij vij s. iiij d. In snypes [snipes]        xvij ij s. x d. In larkes [larks]        iij dox di xxj d. In quynces [quinces]        x v d. In flower [flour] iij peckes [pecks]        ix d. In butter                j d. In muster [mustard]        j d. In veniger [vinegar]        j d. In verges [verjuice]        j d. In sowger [sugar]        iiij lib xiij d. In gynger and synamom [cinnamon] 1 quart        viij d. In saynders [saunders or redsandalwood] j unc [ounce] j d. In saferyn [saffron]                ij d. In dates j lib        di. vij d. In prewings [prunes]        ij d. In raysons [raisins]        ij d. In mase and clovys [mace and cloves]                vij d. In fagattes [faggots]        xiiij xiiij d. In coles [coal] iij quarters        xv d. In whyte asshen cuppys [white ash cups]                ij d. In whyte [white] salt j pecke [peck]        ij d. Item for the hyer [hire] of iij tabyll [table] clothes napkyns [napkins] with pewter and pannys with the hyer [hire] of the howse [house]        xij d. Item to vj laborers        vj d. Item in rewarde to the coke [cook]        [        ] Item paid for bote hyer [boat hire]        vj d.

Summa totalis        v s. j d.

Summa totalis        v s. j d. Sir Thomas [Mawdesley] I pray yow [you] delyver [deliver] to Nicholas Sanders for provision of this dyner [dinner] to my Ladyes [Lady’s] executors.

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